“I’ve never read a manga before.” Well, it’s never too late to start.

When suggesting manga to people (even to people who are avid anime fans), they’re sometimes reluctant to pick up a manga because they:

A. Think manga is boring/too much reading

B. They think manga is the same as anime

C. They see the number of chapters in some popular titles (One Piece) and think all manga are the length of a football field

However, these things are absolutely untrue. I will be explaining why you should start reading manga, even if you never have before as well as giving you some quality titles to start with.

First off, while some may view manga as boring, when you get drawn into a good manga (no pun intended) it will never be boring. While I understand that some may desire moving pictures, its nearly the same as the age old argument against books and movies. The people who’ve only watched the film will say the film is better, while people who have seen both the film and read the book generally prefer the book. I find this to be true rather often with manga. While manga often isn’t in color, the quality of the story and illustrations complement the story well enough for me to enjoy the story in manga form. Regarding manga being too much reading, the fact of the matter is, when you get used to manga, chapters will likely take only 5 – 10~ minutes to read. There’s a reason manga fans are always asking for more content and never less.

Secondly, manga and anime are very different. Anime adaptations often miss the mark in telling the manga’s story properly. These differences are not necessarily even small things as anime has been known to rush stories to the point of them being impossible to understand, omit plot points, add in elements to the story that contribute nothing as well as obscure the underlying meaning of the story. Unfortunately, this has led to well known yet poor quality anime adaptations tarnishing the name of the manga and turning individuals off to reading it. This, in particular, is what led me to read manga more as I like to see the original vision of the author without the influence of anime studios who are trying to to make do with inadequate budgets. Regardless of how you may feel, two things are true:

A. Anime is an advertisement for the source material

B. Anime itself isn’t very profitable so they have very little incentive to produce it to the quality of the source material

Lastly, while some stories like One Piece, Bleach, Naruto and Detective Conan may boast an exorbitant number of chapters, most manga do not have anywhere near that amount of length. Series that are that long are anomalies and only continued to be produced for that long because of their popularity with teenagers around the world. Would YOU end Naruto with kids around the world running from class to class with their hands behind their backs? That’s blocking a bag.

In reality, most quality manga series that I have come across range from 100-150 chapters to around 300. Considering that it doesn’t take very long to read a chapter of manga, reading 150 chapters should not present very much difficulty at all. In addition, with reading manga, if you end up not liking what you’ve read, you can always stop after 5 chapters or so and you haven’t even spent a full hour reading. This is one of the best benefits of reading manga. Manga is convenient.

Now that I’ve explained why manga is worth reading for those who may have previously had reservations, I’d like to recommend a few manga based on other media that you may like:

For fans of romantic comedy:

Kaguya-sama: Love is War (Top-tier romantic comedy that I have previously written about here.)

For fans of series like One Piece or Naruto:

Zatch Bell! (Classic 2000s action manga. If you missed this as a kid you absolutely must read it now.)

For fans of epic tales:

Zetsuen no Tempest (Action, mystery and magic inspired by William Shakespeare’s The Tempest)

Tokyo Ghoul (An unsuspecting student gets drawn into a world he never knew existed and is forced to try to survive the best he can. Top tier manga.)

For people who are still Harry Potter fans in their 20s:

Mx0 (A student with zero magical talent finds himself in school overflowing with talented young magicians. This is a great manga that I’d recommend to anyone.)

I hope anyone who has never read manga before takes the time to look through some of these titles and consider reading them. In addition, if none of them interest you but you’re still interested in starting manga, you can reach out to me personally and I can try to find something I think would be a better fit for you. Happy reading!

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